Talking Rock n’ Roll with the inventor of the tequila sunrise

It was 1972 and the Rolling Stones played to massive crowds on two raucous nights in San Francisco. The Trident, a Restaurant in Sausalito, threw them a private party after one of the sold out shows.

Looking for a little refreshment, they approached the bar looking for margaritas. The bartender was Sausalito staple Bobby Lozoff, better known as the inventor of the Tequila Sunrise. Bobby introduced the Stones to the drink, and the rest is Rock n’ Roll history. Check out an interview with Bobby below.



How did the tequila sunrise come about?

The Stones were really hard to handle, so Bill [Graham] made arrangements to bring them into The Trident for an intimate party. Keith Richards walked up to the bar and asked for a margarita, and I said, “Hey, have you ever tried this drink?”

So I poured him the tequila sunrise, and you could sort of see the light go on in his head. You don’t need a bartender to travel with you, just buy a bottle of Cuervo, a bottle of orange juice, and grenadine. So they picked it up and took it across the country, and called their tour the ‘Tequila Sunrise Tour’.

When did you realize it had become a phenomenon?

About two years ago [laughs], I told everyone that I invented the tequila sunrise, and they didn’t believe me. But National Geographic did a story on me, and when Keith Richard’s book came out, he included me. This was 41 years later, after I had moved to Hawaii and ran a Trident-type bar with live music for years, and it was a total surprise. I wasn’t even a bartender anymore.

“I’ve done quite a bit with my life. It’s always about being in the right place at the right time, and I won.”

-Bobby Lozoff


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