Endless Party.
Endless supply of Cuervo®

Get onboard the stones' tour plane

All aboard the Lapping Tongue.

Almost as legendary as the tour itself was the Stones’ tour plane, the lapping tongue

The plane carried a rotating entourage of celebrities, roadies and various other hanger-ons – nicknamed the Stones Touring Party (S.T.P.). The Lapping Tongue played host to an endless party across America and Canada that spanned 32 cities, thanks in part to an endless supply of Jose Cuervo. Check out our take on this legendary aircraft in the video below.


Now’s your chance to party like a Rolling Stone. Get your limited edition bottle and taste the glitz, glam and controversy that made the 72’ tour the benchmark of an era and cemented the Stones as the world’s greatest band. The Rollings Stones and Cuervo—two rock n’ roll legends, one bold new bottle.