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Mikala Jones has been called “the most barreled man alive.” Raised on the beach along the North Shore of Oahu, Mikala developed an “it guy” reputation at the world’s sketchiest wave: Pipeline, landing tons of magazine covers and coverage over the last 20 years. In that time he’s also managed to navigate and dial in the underground network of secret waves across the world. In a social media age, no one still has any clue how Mikala continues to find perfect, lonely waves and remain low-pro about them. There is no amount of tequila that will get him to tell you either, we’ve tried.

Mikala splits his time Between Bali and Hawaii (when not chasing swells).

A genuine, Aloha-spirited wanderer Mikala has trail blazed his way through one of the most successful free-surfing careers we’ve ever seen. One of the most recognizable guys in the surfing world, and quite possibly the most barreled man alive.

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