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Wade Goodall is indie surf royalty. He’s always unexpected. Radical. Punk. Witty. His surfing incredible and his aura — especially in underground surf circles — is massive. When he was young, Wade won the Australian World Junior Title, putting him in an elite class of surfers, most of whom go on to join the World Tour and win World Titles, but Wade carved his own path, one less reliant on competition and focused more on innovation above the lip. Wade actually invented a new maneuver and called it the “Passion Pop” — a skateboarding-influenced air featuring a shuv-it that he was the first to pull off. He’s widely respected and influenced many young surfers not only with his airs and surfing, but with his raw and authentic approach to everything.

He’s broken his leg doing airs three times, but continues to bounce back and reinvent himself perfectly every time. His big wave surfing and barrel riding have become a major (and very impressive) focus, but he’ll always be a key piece to the continuing evolution of aerial surfing.

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