Creative, Innovative, Fearless: Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren learned at a young age that passion and hard work can keep you out of the 9-5.

“I started making prints and printmaking you know, and then like selling ‘em at shows. Doing like runs of 50, then I’d sell ‘em all. I was like ‘Oh, I can make money doing this, then I don’t have to go work at Taco Bell.” This attitude helped Warren become an artist, a surfer, and a surf shaper, applying a sense of fearless creativity, childlike wonder, and love to everything he does.


Above all, he rejects conformity and embraces passion, living for them moment instead of the clock.“It’s all about doing what makes you happy and not really worrying about what anyone else thinks. I think the bravest and boldest and most unique thing you can do is just keep going. And not stop for anybody and just be true to yourself.”

Doing everything with fearless creativity? We’ll drink to that.


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