Who’s Making Margs?

Episode 3 – Keke Palmer!

Anyone can make our Sparkling Frozen Margarita, but few can make it look as fun as Keke Palmer! Watch Keke tap into some magical margarita powers on the summer finale of #WhosMakingMargs

Episode 2 – Ilana Glazer!

This week, watch as Ilana Glazer makes a seriously spicy grapefruit jalapeño marg, takes fan calls, and dispenses Cuervo-fueled advice from her apartment in Brooklyn.


Episode 1 – T-Pain!

Last week, T-pain mixed up the Classic Cuervo margarita while hanging out and making new friends with fans. You don’t want to miss this!

Who’s Making Margs? Everyone!

This summer Cuervo drinkers, along with a few of our celebrity partners, will make margaritas, hang out and get to know each other over the ultimate icebreaker – Jose Cuervo. Hosted on our Discord channel, Who’s Making Margs? is an episodic, interactive call-in show that aims to bring celebs and fans closer together over a Cuervo margarita.


Each week, a different celebrity host will be revealed along with their favorite Cuervo margarita recipe.


Check out our latest episodes and be sure to check back each week to see who’s mixing up another marg!

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