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Caleta Logo: with a palm tree, bird, the sun and waves. Bartender quality. Ready to be enjoyed.

100% de Agave Wine Margarita from Jose Cuervo®, America’s Favorite Margarita

Caleta Logo: with a palm tree, bird, the sun and waves

[kah • leh • tah]

noun: (geography)

cove, small bay, inlet

Caleta™ is a new take on a classic Margarita made with 100% de agave wine. This party-ready margarita brings tangy and sweet flavors together with real lime juice and natural flavors. A refreshing cocktail, perfect from the backyard to the beach.
illustration agave plant with a distant bird


Made with 100% de agave wine from Mexico

illustration of a lime slice


Fresh lemon, lime, and citrus, finished with rich golden agave and orange cognac

illustration of a rocks glass with a liquid flourish

Serve Style

Just add ice, pour, and enjoy

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