The Agave Surfboard:
From Plant to Wave


The Story

Jose Cuervo Tradicional®️, Mexico’s original 100% agave tequila, teamed up with six of the top surfboard shapers to create high-performance agave wood surfboards that are more eco-friendly than those made from traditional construction methods.

To make these boards, we harvested agave stalks from California agaves and provide the agave base blanks to each shaper to create and construct their own unique shaped surfboards for our Cuervo riders to ride and test.

Scroll down to learn more about each board and how the boards performed at Surf Ranch – one of the most technologically advanced artificial waves in the world.

“Nature and the environment are really important to us... So we always want to be advancing materials that are friendly to the environment.”

-Britt Merrick

The Shapers

For this project, Jose Cuervo Tradicional selected some of the top shapers in the world to bring these boards to life.

“Let's use materials that are more eco-friendly but let's also push that forward into progression for surfing.”

-Britt Merrick

The Test

With Jose Cuervo Tradicional as the Official Tequila of Surf Ranch - the top man-made wave in the world - we invited our crew to test the 6 agave high performance wood surfboards.

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