"Anything Can Happen"

Surfers have been navigating the dusty back roads of Mexico for more than 50 years. Half a century of trailblazing drives have led them to perfect waves, great moments with friends and tequila.

It’s their obsession with the journey and unknown that anything can happen. Their camaraderie made tight by the adventure and the realization that the fun doesn’t just start when you get there, it’s happening all around us at any given time.

You never know what you will stumble upon, but it is always worth the extra effort. Jared, Kassia and Bruna’s balancing act of life.

It isn’t always about just the surf when traveling in Mexico. Culture, new people, new places, and laughter are all apart of the journey, but you have to go discover it.

Epic adventures always call for celebration. Anything Can Happen.

Bruna was another new addition to our “Trad” team. Always fun to have around, Bruna charged hard and laughed even harder.

From sun up to sundown, this crew lives like there is no tomorrow.

Kassia paddling out at first light.

Tacos, tube time and tequila are all a part of a perfect day in Mexico.

Celebration was totally deserved after the great waves they scored.

Alex Knost, the newest addition to the crew, pulling into his happy place.

Alex Knost and his single fin are looking like he could be straight out the 70’ when surfers were first pioneering Mexico beaches and undiscovered waves.

Kassia, Jared, Colin, Bruna and Alex adventure off the beaten path in search of empty beaches and perfect waves.

Alex is all soul and style.

Agave Board Project

Gary Linden is a master surfboard craftsman. For over 20 years he’s made surfboards for the world’s most talented surfers. Recently he got the wild idea of creating the first 100 percent agave surfboard. With the help of the Jose Cuervo Foundation, Gary unlocked all kinds of new ways of using agave in surfboard making, uniting his passion for good waves, sustainable materials and great tequila.


-Gary Linden, Creator of the 100% Agave Board

Taco Tubes Day

Alex Gray isn’t your typical dude. He’s surfed some of the biggest waves on the planet and has an obsession with chasing swells all around the world. He’s also one of the funniest people you’ll ever witness. Every year, Alex uses his seeming lack of fear and love of fun to create a hilarious Cinco de Mayo surf film. And this year he surprises once again. Cheers to Taco Tubes Day!

Watch his new video below.

Team Tradicional

They thrive on enthusiasm. Adventure. And great times celebrating great feats. No matter how many miles away they are from their front door, Team Tradicional always feel right at home.