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Alex Knost was born too late. Maybe.

The reigning king of cool. Alex surfs and lives in other decades it seems. Some past, some future. His surfing juxtaposes so many influences he often glides on a wave like a frantic ballerina you can’t take your eyes off. He’s always been part of the growing cult of surfers shaping and riding just about anything they find, and doing so extremely well.

Classically known as a longboarder, Alex has made it difficult to stop there. He’s a constantly evolving creative enigma. Alex also fronts the band Tomorrow’s Tulips, and recently collaborated with Kim Gordon (formerly of Sonic Youth) on a project called Glitterbust, all while simultaneously playing, creating and influencing an entire generation of surfers, artists, shapers and musicians. And he floats through it all with a just-woke-up-but-I’m-down-for-whatever mentality.

Raised in Orange County, Alex has appeared in several of the decade’s best surf films including Thomas Campbell’s cult classics Sprout and The Present.

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