Recipe by Cuervo

El Jardin


2 oz Jose Cuervo® Tradicional® Plata Tequila*

.75 oz Carrot Leaf Syrup*

2 slices Cucumber

3 slices Jalapeño 

1 oz Soda water

Garnish: Dehydrated Lime Wheel


Muddle the cucumber and jalapeño in a shaker. Add the rest of the ingredients, except the soda water, and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice.


Blanche carrot leaves by adding them to boiling water for 2 minutes then dunk into an ice bath until cool. Add the blanched carrot leaves, sugar, and water to a blender. Blend until the sugar is fully dissolved. Strain into a clean container.

  • Ingredients for Bar: 1 qt Carrot Leaves (packed), 24 oz sugar, 24 oz water. Yield: 1 qt
  • Ingredients for Home: 2 cups Carrot Leaves, .75 cup sugar, .75 cup water. Yield:  8 oz/1 cup


Carrot leaves have a vegetal flavor almost like a cross between carrot and parsley. The syrup has a beautiful bright green color and is a great way to utilize an ingredient that many kitchens and home cooks might otherwise toss. This cocktail should also be served in a Highball glass with an agave straw.


*40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof).

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