A Taste of History: Over 225 Years of Mexican Craftsmanship

The Legend of Cuervo
The year is 1758...

It’s the year José Antonio de Cuervo was granted permission to land in the town of Tequila, Mexico by the King of Spain to harvest blue agave.


37 years later, his son, José María Guadalupe de Cuervo was granted the first license to produce and distribute tequila.

Casa Cuervo

The Birthplace of bottled tequila

José Antonio de Cuervo, at the La Rojena Distillery, turned hundreds of agave plants into millions. This production culminated in the export of our barrels to California in 1852.


Cuervo developed advanced distillery machinery for the time, allowing us to set records by becoming the first brand to bottle tequila individually.

Now that, is innovation.
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The Classic Cuervo Margarita


The year was 1938. The place: Tail O’ The Cock in Los Angeles. Bartender Johnny Durlesser saw a woman across the room – and again the next night. Finally on the third night, it was time to impress her.

He grabbed the Cuervo, added the ingredients, and slid it down the bar – just like the movies.

The rest is legendary.
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Mundo Cuervo


Journey to the famed La Rojena distillery located in the iconic town of Tequila, Mexico. Explore the original home of Jose Cuervo where tradition, tequila and fiestas await.

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