The Agave Project

The agave plant is the lifeblood of the community we come from.



The Agave Project is a way for us to honor our roots, aimed at continuing Cuervo’s longstanding commitment to the land and people of Tequila and Mexico.


The latest creation to come out of The Agave Project is a drinking straw made from upcycled agave fiber. The first-of-its-kind biodegradable, bio-based drinking straw is a more sustainable alternative to regular plastic straws and will decompose up to 200 times faster than regular plastic.



A More sustainable Drinking Experience

The Agave Project sets out to offer a real-world solution for people to make their drinking experience more sustainable. Made with an agave bio-based composite, the new straws replace around a third of the polymers used in traditional straw production, and at the end of its lifecycle can be consumed by microorganisms to fully biodegrade within one to five years in landfill conditions.

Coming to a Drink Near You

In 2020, millions of Jose Cuervo biodegradable agave-based straws were rolled out at bars, restaurants and Jose Cuervo events across the US and Mexico

Learn more about the Agave Project and check out some of our other Agave-based creations. What will we dream up next?



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