Surfing’s Most Important Championship Trophy

Watch agave craftsmanship at its finest.



Introducing the first-ever World Surf League Pipe Masters Championship Trophy lined with 100% agave paper, harvested and recycled directly from Jose Cuervo’s agave fields in Jalisco, Mexico.


The trophy board is designated as the first-place prize for the champion of the Billabong Pipe Masters surfing competition which takes place on Hawaii’s North Shore of Oahu, annually.


This past year’s project features three legends in surfing, led by Cuervo Ambassador Gary Linden who’s pioneered the use and integration of recycled agave materials into traditional surfboard shaping and design. Gary has been working directly with Jose Cuervo over the past five years to use this recycled agave in creating surfboards for some of the top surfers in the world and subsequently influencing the future and progression of surfing as a sport altogether.


Alongside Gary is none other than Gerry Lopez, known as the Godfather of modern-day surfing, who still influences the sport today. Since retiring from professional surfing, Gerry has honed his craft of surfboard shaping under the iconic Lightning Bolt logo, contributing his original template and surfboard shape for this year’s trophy.

Visual artist Phil Roberts has been collaborating on the surfboard trophy for decades and is known as one of the most important artists in surfing today. He provided the custom artwork as seen on the top of the board as well as the finishing touches on the custom Lightning Bolt design.




Jose Cuervo continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with recycled agave materials.

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